Flower shop- Mockup

Website Purpose:
The website aims to showcase exquisite flower baskets and individual flowers while providing a convenient online purchasing service.

Primary Colors:
In terms of design, warm orange and bright yellow colours are chosen, complemented by green representing leaves, to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere.

Page Design:
The homepage offers two design styles, distinguished by the presence or absence of gradient orange. It features a section displaying the products and provides contact information, allowing customers to easily reach out to the store. When clicking on a product, a small window pops up displaying the flower language and allowing customers to select the quantity for purchase.

On the Confirmation and Payment Page page, customers can effortlessly verify the detailed information of their selected products and proceed with payment. The website also offers a convenient payment process to ensure a smooth and seamless purchasing experience for customers.

You can browse the mockup in more detail below. It is recommended that you adjust the zoom level.