I can ….


My name is Sandra Lu. I am studying Web development at Algonquin College in Canada and have graduated from Marine and Aviation Management in Chang Jung Christian University in Taiwan.
I have skilled with common front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS and Node and experience in developing Single Page Applications and interacting with back-end API. Moreover, I am equally comfortable coding in MySQL, C#, ASPX.NET, PHP. Furthermore, I like to participate in technical exchange activities like WordCamp Taipei for absorbing newest information about WordPress.

I had worked as a Singapore airport security officer in 2017. My job was to make sure every flight can depart punctually or landing safely. Due to this experience, I am used to noticing potential security problems and keep high attention when I work. Safety concept is deeply rooted in my brain. Moreover, because Singapore is a multiracial nation, I have chance to work with various background people, and expand my horizon. I adapt it well.
I am strongly self-motivated and goal-oriented person. I purpose to balance life and work. Thus, I like to go hiking, traveling but also take online courses at home to make up my shortage of technology knowledge.

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